Why do you need to Polish your new car

The new car undoubtedly pleases the eye, shimmering in the sun and sparkling with a new body varnish. To prolong such a moment, it is not enough just to treat the car carefully. You need to take care of the car from the moment of its purchase! And the first thing that needs to be done is to Polish the body. Moreover, it is better to do this in a specialized company engaged in detaling. And why to do this and what kind of polishing to choose now I will tell you. There are three main reasons for polishing First of all, the car is being painted. Paint with a varnish will give the appearance of a new one, although the underlying coat is already very old. The body will be covered with a thin layer of varnish, and some damages may occur as a result of damage to the coating during painting. Second, as a rule, the paint is damaged. This happens when the solvent evaporates or when the metal is subjected to harsh environmental conditions . And if, for example, the body is copper sulfate-pale yellow , then react with it with a metal coating or use a neutral body for metal damage. When polishing, many coatings and repairs will be performed. On modern cars, this is mainly done on the hood . After the car is sanded, polished, and then transferred to the salon. There, the polishing process must be completed with a water-repellent medium. The damage will be masked using a paste with a paste medium . The damage will be masked using a paste with a paste will allow you to prevent further polishing and transfer of polishing compounds. The damage will be sealed using a plastic bag made of polyethylene terephthalate (the same as Tunga) . In this case, the protection of the metal will be minimal, but the smooth surface will allow you to take detailed pictures. This simple tool allows you to protect the car from polishing and other means during restoration. Even if