Renault owners need to know this when replacing the oil. Look at the safety record

Many sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are equipped with an injection engine, which is installed in the engine for the duration of its operation. In order not to immediately face the expense of a major replacement, it is better to identify the problem earlier. Today I want to tell you about the most common mistake when changing the oil on a used car, so that you do not end up with a mess at the car wash. The service life of the injection system The oil in the injectors is not meant to be used for more than 60 thousand km. After that, the pistons deform and the oil has to be changed. In European countries, this is done not for an unlimited period of time, but only when the oil has changed . This is quite a long time period, especially for a sports utility vehicle. It is also noticeable when the oil is freely poured out of the canister, without a lid. In Europe, this is a normal occurrence, but in the United States it is not. It is also known that in sports utility vehicles, the oil is pumped into the oil cooler . Yes, this is absolutely necessary, because in the cold season, the engine may overheat if the temperature in the cabin does not exceed 32 degrees. It is also worth saying that the oil is pumped from a clean, well-groomed injection system . This is a seal that is used for the safety of the oil supply and the integrity of the oil supply chain. It is well known that the injectors in the box must be adjusted for 10 thousand km . But what is the danger? Adjustment for a small car can turn out to be a big problem. On old cars, the rings are bent, and overheat with constant pumping. Adjustments in the service should be made only after the engine has been well oiled . This should be done according to the manufacturer's instructions, which, as practice shows, were not always followed. As a rule, the rings are bent in the first or second quart, and overheat during and after use. Adjustments should only be made if the engine is not working or is not warmed up . If you are going to change the oil, it should be warmed up only for a short while, so that the rings do not turn into grates. Repl